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Albertus Schreiber and Eva Catharina Lauermann

We are descended from Albertus (sometimes spelled Albartus or Alburtus) Schreiber and his wife, Eva Lauermann (alternatively spelled Lauerman), both German immigrants.  They are the first of our ancestors known to come to America and would have been my g-g-g-g-g-great grandparents.

The information we have had on these ancestors has been limited.  In April 2009, I was contacted by Karl Anhauser of Germany.  In researching for his family genealogy, he discovered some new information on Albertus and Eva and wrote to me about it.  Our thanks go to him for sharing this new information.  Since Mr. Anhauser does not speak English and I do not speak German, we have been working with translators, both electronic and human to decipher this information.  The following is our best effort at accuracy.  In addition, he has been working from 300+ year old Feldkirchen church ledgers that were damaged, so a degree of interpretation has been made.

This is new and welcome information.  In her book "Schryvers & Scrivers", Jeannette Scriver Burch states in the introductory pages that she "does not purport to trace the ancestry of Albertus Schreiber."  Her work simply traces the expansion of the family after Albertus and Eva came to America.  She did include, however, a chart that she found, and does state that its accuracy could not be authenticated.  Mr. Anhauser's information does dispute this chart.

I am personally finding this interesting because it has always been my belief that, although Albertus was German, Eva was Dutch.  This is probably because they sailed from Holland and our name is spelled in the Dutch manner.  I now find that they were both German born.

Albertus Schreiber was born in Grafschaft Wied, Germany.  A good friend with expertise in German has explained to me that a Grafschaft is an Earldom.  This is similar to a kingdom, but smaller and ruled by an Earl rather than a King.  His hometown was Rodenbach in the parish of Feldkirchen.  We believe that he was born in 1683.

Please note that the following paragraph is now in question ... Albertus was the son of Christian or Christianus Schreiber.  He was born before 1655, also in Rodenbach, and was the son of Johannes Schreiber.  According to our information, there was only one Schreiber family in Rodenbach at that time.  In 1664, Johannes Schreiber appears on a Einwohnerzeichnis (??) as "free".  This is apparently a reference to the fact that he was not in bondage to the Count Wied.  His son Christianus appears on a list from about 1690, which says "able to decode 4 sons and one daughter had."  Bear with us.  This was translated from German.  We assume this means that Christian had four sons and a daughter.  Either that or Yoda was the spokesperson (that's a joke).

We now believe that Albaratus was the son of a Wilhelm Schreiber.  This information comes to us courtesy of J. Allen Schriver of Murrell's Inlet SC.  We are in the process of following up on his source.

He died somewhere between 1751 and 1760.  

Eva Catharina Lauermann was born in 1688.  From information in the Jeanette Scriver Burch book, we always believed her birth to be 1687.  Her place of birth was Ruscheid, which was at that time written Reuscheit.  This was in the parish of Anhausen, Germany, which was also in Grafschaft Wied.

Eva's parents were Mattheus Lauermann of Bonefeld, parish Rengsdorf, also in Wied County, and Catharina Jung(in) Rüscheid.  The original church record book (Church Anhausen Book 3, page 9) indicates that they were married on 11 August 1672 in the Church of the Anhausen.  It seems that there hometowns were 25 km/15 miles apart.

Their daughter Eva Catharina was born in 1688 in Rüscheid and baptized on 6 May 1688 in the Church of Anhausen.  The translation from the original church record book (Church Anhausen Book 2, page 73) is very confusing ... "Suscept. (= Raised from baptism - sponsors) John Thiel. Eva Cathrina, 
John Luxen daughter. Margaret, John Wanbachs woman. all of Reuschet. Name Eva Cathrina child."  According to Tim Wilder, this statement indicates that the male sponsor was John Thiel and that there were two female sponsors.  One of them, Eva Cathrina was the daughter of John Luxen and the other was Margaret Wanbachs, the wife of John Wanbachs.  Eva Catharina was named after one of her female sponsors, which was common practice in the day.

Further information from this account indicates that Eva's mother Catharina (referred to also as Anna Catharina) died on April 11, 1695 in Ruscheid and is buried in a cemetery in Anhausen.  "At that time she was already a widow."  Eva's father must have died between 1689 and 1695.

Eva died after 1764.

We have always assumed that Albertus and Eva met on a ship bound for America and married when they got to New York City.  Entries that Mr. Anhauser found indicate that several emigrants from Grafschaft Wied traveled on a sailing ship under Captain Robbert Lourens from Rotterdam, Holland to England.  Among these emigrants were Albertus Schreiber and Eva Lauermann and a Bernhard Noll and his wife.  This sailing was in 1709 but an entry states that Albertus and Eva "Probably even before the departure to America, probably in London 1710 were married."

As with many immigrants, they came to America to start a new life.  Family lore states that as part of their new life, they took on a new spelling of the name.  Another story has it that they settled with Dutch immigrants so they took the Dutch spelling of their name.  It might be that they were not able to write and the immigration agent that greeted them when they got here did the best he could to spell the name.  Whatever the case, they were the first Schryvers known to have come to America.

They settled in the lower Hudson River area of New York State, north of New York City.  They had nine (9) children who are listed in order of age in the header at the top of this page.  Each of their names links you to their descendents.

David J. Schryver

Again, our thanks go out to Karl Anhauser of Germany who contacted us in April 2009.


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