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Johann Emerick Schryver was born and/or baptized  in 1713 in Kinderhook, Albany County, New York. According to a Sons of Revolution application, he was born in Kingston on 21 November 1713.  He was the second child and first son of Albertus Schreiber and Eva Lauermann Schreiber.   The Sons of Revolution application says that he died in Dutchess County on 12 October 1796, a month or so short of his 83rd birthday.

Note:  Some records spell the name Emmerich or Emmerik.

Lisabeth Burger was baptized on 11 March 1722 at the Kingston Reform Church of Kingston, New York.  She was the daughter of Johann Martinus Burger and Ursula Fraleigh, both of Palatine families.  It appears that in New York the Burger and Schreiber families were close since Elizabeth’s sister, Eva, married Martinus Schrieber, Elizabeth’s husband’s brother.  The Burch book says that they were neighbors.

Baptismal records for her children spell her maiden name as Borkert or Borghard.

We have no record of her death.

Johann was often referred to as Henry or Emerick, since he had three other brothers who were also named Johann. It was often customary in German families to give the same first name to many sons but with different middle names.  His brothers were also known by their middle names, rather than Johann.

Johann Emerick and Elizabeth Burger married on October 20, 1738 at the Dutch Reform Church of Kingston, New York.  Johann was 25 at the time.   Johann and Elizabeth lived in Rhinebeck NY (Dutchess County) and most likely were a farming family.

Elizabeth was also of German descent,  her parents also arriving in New York with the Palatine immigration of 1710. The family name had originally been Burghardt but evolved to Burger. Elizabeth’s great grandfather was Nicholas Burghardt from Gersfeld in Fuldishland and her grandfather, Johannes Burghardt of Ober-Mockstadt in the Isenberg earldom. His wife  (Elizabeth’s grandmother) was Elisabetha Schleicher.

Johann Emerick and Elizabeth’s family bible dated 1768 is found in NY State DAR records  (Vol. 23). Their first son was named Martinus as was their fifth son. It is thought that their first child, Martinus, died young though since there are no records of this earlier Martinus found having reached adulthood.  On March 12, 2015, we received an email from Greg Lydic, who is not related to the Schryver family.  He came upon a birth record of one of his ancestors that also contained the record of this first Martinus and sent it to us.  The name was spelled Martynus on this.  Also the father's name was spelled Emmerik.

Our thanks to Susan B. Schock, a descendent of this line, who  has contributed a considerable amount of information, including some of the biographical information above and for several others.

My thanks go out to several others who are descendents of this line and who have contributed information about their branches:

  • Michelle Schryver Peck of North East PA
  • Becky Stanton of Newport News VA
  • Walter Schryver of Pennsylvania
  • Dawn Fleming of Virginia


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