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George Washington Schryver was born on 31 December 1846.  He was the first child of William Latham Schryver and Adelia M. Newton Schryver.  It is assumed that he was born in the Omar area of Jefferson County since that is where the family lived for many years.

According to a piece found from the Saturday, January 16, 1909 Watertown Herald (newspaper), George was appointed on Tuesday, January 12, 1909 as a director of the Jefferson County Patrons' Fire Relief Association.

This picture was taken in the 1920's in his later years.  We have a picture of a cherry tree in his son John's yard that says "Grandfather Schryver died day after picture was taken".

He died in May 1928 at the age of 81 and is buried in the Omar Cemetery.

Mary Scholenburgh was born in October 1850 in Jefferson County, New York.

It is known that her parents were from Germany.

She died in 1918 and is buried in the Omar Cemetery.

George and Mary's gravestone is also engraved with the name of their son, Maurice B, who died young.

They were married on 26 March 1871.  They resided in Omar, Jefferson County, New York and had five (5) children, all sons.

The children of George Washington and Mary were part of the seventh generation of the Schryver family in America:

  Albert James "Al" Schryver b:  19 August 1873; d:  1922

According to the Saturday, September 14, 1895 Watertown Herald (newspaper), Albert won a 10 mile bicycle race.  There were eight contestants.  His prize was a suit of clothes worth $25 and a $20 gold watch.

Another Watertown Herald entry from Saturday, January 11, 1902, Burt Schryver was in Depauville home from sailing the past season.  We assume this was a reference to Albert.  We do know that his brother John was a Great Lakes sailor for a period of time.  Evidently Albert was as well.

  George O. Schryver (Recorded as George, Jr., could this be George W?) b:  12 April 1873; d:  1953 ... the information on Albert and George was taken from the Burch book.  There is apparently an error here that we are trying to rectify.  The birthdates of one or both are in question.

  John Clinton Schryver b:  20 February 1875; d: 30 September 1959

  Maurice B. Schryver b:  20 April 1878; d:  7 March 1892   Died at age 13-10-16.

  Frederick W. Schryver b:  12 October 1880; d: unknown


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