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Peter/Pieter Emerick Schryver was born on 4 June 1755 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York.  He was the eighth child and sixth son of Johann Emerick Schryver and Elizabeth Burger Schryver.  

Elizabeth Lasson/Lassing/Lassen/Lawson was born in Oswego, Oswego County, New York.  We have no record of her death.

They were married, probably on 9 February 1779 in either Poughkeepsie or New Hackensack, New York. A date of 23 January 1779 has also been found, but this is probably the date of banns.   They had eight (8) children.  Records show different spellings of the surname and, in fact, the children's surnames also vary.  They resided in Oswego NY.

The children of Peter Emerick and Elizabeth were part of the fourth generation of the Schryver family in America:
  Elizabeth Schryver b: 15 December 1779; d: unknown
  Henry (Henrij) Sheer Schryver b: 14 November 1781; d: before 1844
  Abraham Schryver b: 18 August 1783; d: unknown
  Gilbert Livingston Schryver b: ca 1793; d: ca 1867
  Maria Schryver b: 1797; d: unknown
  John Peter Shriver b: 1799; d: unknown
  Sarah (Sally) Anne Maria Schryver b: ca 1804; d: unknown
  Elizabeth Margaret Schryver b: ca 1804; d: unknown


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