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Johannes Schryver was born on 11 February 1728 in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York. He was the last of nine children and the fifth son of Albertus Schreiber and Eva Lauermann Schreiber.  He was baptized on 11 February 1728 in the Lutheran Church of New York, New York and was sponsored by Hannes Simon and Johannes Dop and wife Maria Barbel.

The marriage register shows his last name as Schreiber.

Brechje (Grietje) Terpenning was his wife.   Born on February 2, 1735, she was the daughter of Theunis and Margriet Grietjen (DeGraaf) Terpenning.  Theunis was the son of Baltus Terpenning, born in Amsterdam, Holland.  One source shows that she was baptized on 2 February 1735 In New Paltz, Ulster County, New York.  Another lists the Baptismal Register of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston: Ulster County, NY, 1775.  Perhaps there was an Old Dutch Church of Kingston in New Paltz.

Barbara Houtenbrink has provided the title page of the reprint of the church records, the original title page, and the page on which Brechje's baptism is listed.

Johannes and Brechje were married on  October 10, 1750 in Kingston, Ulster County,  New York.  They resided in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, New York, but were Loyalists during the Revolution, and went to Canada.

At the left is a menu that lists  Johannes and Brechje's eleven (11) children.  We are currently working on the expansion of this menu for all lines that we have information on.  When this is fully operational, clicking on the individual's name will take you to a biography of that individual and hovering on the name (placing your mouse there but not clicking) will pop up a sub-menu of their children.

I had the privilege of meeting J. Allen Schriver and his wife Edna of Murrell's Inlet SC in April 2011.  He has provided me with info on his line.

Jan Turner, a descendent of this line, provided information on her line.

Barbara Houtenbrink, another descendent of this line, provided information on her line.

James Richard Eilers, another descendent of this line has provided info on his line.

Judy Barry of New Brunswick, Canada, is my latest contact.  She has sent me a package of information that has added to this line.








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