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My mother was a Kelley.  I have compiled what she had told me over the years but in November 2016, my nephew Jim Laurin contacted me.  He has an interest in genealogy and has started to research our branch of the Kelley clan.  It has prompted me to get serious and I have gained access to the to the ancestry.com world wide data base.  I have learned much in a very short time and have discovered that some of my mom's info was not accurate.  Mom passed away in 2000.  Her father died in 1943 when she was in England.  She left there in 1946 which is the last time she saw her mother.  The last time she saw either of her brothers was probably in the late '50s or early '60s.  It's no wonder that some of this was fuzzy!

I knew that my grandfather, Alfred William Kelley was in either the British or Irish Armed Forces.  Since this was before the Irish Revolution, and since he was from England, this had to be the British Army.  Their children were born wherever he happened to be stationed.  My mother was the last one born.  He was in England at that time and settled there after he retired.  According to her birth certificate, he was a Sergeant No. 2740, I/Dorset Regiment at the time of her birth and they lived in the E3 Clarence Barracks in Portsmouth, so he was still on active duty when she was born.  I remember my mother telling me that there was talk of going to Ireland when he retired but, because of the unrest, he felt it was too dangerous at the time.

Family lore tells us that the family name was originally spelled Kelly.  The story has it that there was another Alfred Kelly in the same town and to avoid receiving the other Alfred's bills, Alfred William changed the spelling to Kelley.  The Dorset, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906 show the family name as Kelly.  By the 1871 England Census, it was Kelley, including his parents.  This would dispute the family legend because Alfred was only two at this time.  It appears his father changed the name. 

Much of what follows on my mother and her siblings is from stories I remember her telling and the  memories from my half-brother Richard L. Laurin.  I have also edited things that I have found to be incorrect.

If anyone viewing this page knows anything about the "missing" members of our family or if you feel you might be related to us, please drop us an e-mail.  Thank you.

David J. Schryver

Alfred William Kelley, according to my mother was born in Poole, England in 1870.  The British Army WWI Pension Records, shows that he was born in 1869.  Other records show January 1869.  The Baptism records show he was baptized on March 3, 1869 in Poole, St. James, Dorset, England.  We suspect this means at the St. James Church in Poole.  However, other references may indicate that St. James may be a neighborhood in Poole.  These dates would indicate that a January 1869 birth would make sense.

Alfred was the second son and fifth of six children born to Charles Kelley and Fanny Kelley.  Additional information on his family is at the bottom of this document.

His life ended somewhat tragically.  He had been to see a dentist and was standing by the curb on a corner waiting for the bus.  As a  truck came around the corner, one of its doors flew open and hit him.  He was taken to the hospital and later died of his injuries.  This was apparently in September 1943.  Richard remembers that day.  It was when he and our mother Emily were living in England.  He was 8 and was coming home from the Long Fleet School that he was attending.   He saw an ambulance attending to someone who had been injured.  A couple of hours after he got home, the family was notified that Alfred had been injured and had died.  Richard feels to this day that his grandfather had been the one he saw on his way home from school.

He is buried in Poole, County Dorset, England.

Emily Elizabeth Presley was born in County Cork, Ireland on May 13, 1878.  Information recently obtained corrects a couple of things.  For some reason we thought her name was Elizabeth Mary Pressly.  Official Pension Records have caused us to edit this.

She died in 1949 and is buried in Poole, County Dorset, England.

We now know from British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920 that they were married on May 31 1896 in Enniskillen County, Fermanagh.  This is in Northern Ireland.  This is another mystery.  Alfred was from the south of England and Emily Elizabeth from the south of Ireland.  Why did they get married in Northern Ireland?    
They had five (5) children.

  William Kelley was born in 1896 in Ireland.  According to Emily, he died in the war.  We are confused as to the specifics here.  David remembers his mother saying he died in WWI but Richard remembers going to a funeral around 1940.  He seems to think it was William's which means he could have died during World War II.  Richard admits that the funeral may have been for someone else, but the man was laid out in a military uniform.  We now know that he died in 1940 so he probably was a victim of WWII and was the funeral that Richard remembers.

  Frederick Thomas Kelley was born in 1898, we believe in the Union of South Africa.  There is also confusion here.  He was familiarly known as Tom and we have his name written in on some things as Thomas Frederick.   Somewhere between 1922 and 1927 (the years that Martin and Emily came to NA) he came to North America and lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  He played clarinet in a dance band but couldn't get a job to support himself at that, so he became a butler.

Tom was married but we are unsure of his wife's name, although Richard seems to think that it was Marie.  We do know that he had two children, a son, also Frederick Thomas, and a daughter.  We do not know her name.

At some point before 1955, he moved to Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. We know it was before 1955 because in December 1955, Richard was serving in the Navy on the Cambria APA36.  He was in port at Norfolk VA.  Tom was in the Merchant Marines at that point and they met each other in Norfolk.  It is the only time in his life that Richard saw Tom.  The next summer, Richard sailed into the New York City area.  He went to dinner with Tom's wife and son.  That is the only time he ever met young Tom.  David knows that the family visited them on Long Island  in the 1950's but he was very young and doesn't remember it or even who was there when we visited.

Sometime after 1961 he moved to Hollywood Florida.  He was not yet in Florida when Emily visited there in 1961 with Richard and David.  He later moved to Fort Lauderdale.

We have no information as to when he died.

  James Martin Kelley ... we are looking to clarify some info here.  Mom noted that Martin was the third son and was born in 1901 in Malta.  British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920, show him as Charles William Patrick Kelley, born on August 3, 1897 in Malta.  Mom has never mentioned these additional names.  We agree with the Malta part.  The confusion is that the records show Frederick Thomas as a sibling but does not indicate William as a brother.  If William was born in 1896 and Martin in 1897, how did they fit Frederick Thomas in between them?
Mom noted that he was trained as a plumber/pipe fitter in England.  Around 1922, he came to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There he worked for a wealthy family as a butler.  At some point before 1927, he moved to Montreal.

Before 1950, he moved to the USA, settling in the West Palm Beach area of Florida.  His wife's name was Marie and they had one son, Danny.  The only time Richard ever met Martin and Danny was in 1956.  Martin was in the Navy at that point and was stationed in Guantanamo Bay.  His duties included some kind of work at the Petty Officer's Club.  Richard was also in the Navy and sailed into port there where he saw Martin, Marie and Danny.  Danny was about 16 at that time, so he was born ca 1940.  When Richard graduated from college in 1961, he took his mother and his half-brother David to Florida for a vacation.  They visited Marie at the home in West Palm Beach but Martin was not at home at the time.  Still in the Navy, he was at sea.  Danny was grown at that point and was not there.  This is the only time David ever saw Marie.  He never met Martin or Danny.

He is buried in a military hospital in Florida.

It is our understanding that Danny was a police officer, possibly a detective in either Miami or Fort Lauderdale Florida.

We also do not know when Martin died.

  Anthony Kelley was born in 1903, in, we believe, India.  We do not know the cause of death, but he died at about 18 months of age.

Emily seated on what appears to be some kind of barrel ... the back of the photo says "in USA 1930"

Emily, probably in the 30's

Emily Lavinia Kelley was born on December 28, 1908 in England, at the Military Families Hospital in Portsea.  According to her birth certificate, she was born in the Registration District of Portsmouth, in the sub-district of Portsea and Landport, in the County of Portsmouth C.B.

She came to America in 1927 at the age of 18.  According to Richard, she had a boyfriend in England that her parents didn't think much of.  They shipped her to Montreal PQ where she was united with her brother Martin and she was trained to be a lady's maid.  Although she was sent to North America by her parents, she always insisted that she paid for her trip.

While in Montreal, she met Leo Laurin.  He was from Watertown NY but was in Montreal for some reason, possibly visiting family.  They were married on July 11, 1929.  She had a son, Eric William Laurin, on September 25, 1930.  He died on December 28 of that same year at the age of 0-3-3.  We do not know the exact cause of death but it is interesting to note that Eric's birth date, September 25 eventually became important to the family later.  Emily's son Richard was married on this day in 1964 and her grand-daugheter Miranda was married on that day in 2010.  He died on Emily's 22nd birthday.  A second son, Richard Leo Laurin was born on July 25, 1935.  By that point, they were living in Watertown NY.  Richard currently lives in Star Lake NY.

In the summer of 1937, she and Richard went back to England.  Although several stories surround this circumstance, we now realize it was to escape a failing marriage.  They were on a six-month visa.  The war broke out, they were in the south of England and she was not able to get back to America until 1946.  She and Richard departed by ship from South Hampton, England on July 4, 1946.  By the time they arrived back in Watertown,  Emily found that her husband had remarried, even though they had not yet divorced.  It is our understanding that she told Leo that if he stayed out of Richard and her lives, she would let him have a divorce without involving the authorities.  He was in Canada at that point and she went back to Watertown.  Their divorce was final in 1947.

She then took jobs cleaning homes and businesses to support herself and her young son.  It was while cleaning at radio station WATN in Waertown that she met Donald E. Schryver, the chief engineer at the station.  They were married on July 22, 1950.  A son, David J. Schryver was born on August 29, 1951.

Donald spent the last five or so years of his life with coronary problems and congestive heart failure.  He died of coronary failure on November 23, 1997 at the age of 85-9-10.  Emily suffered a stroke in July 1999 and was moved the next month to Richard's home in Star Lake, St. Lawrence County, about an hour's drive away.  Richard was retired at the time and David lived only about 20 miles away so it was easier to care for her there than in her home in Watertown.  She suffered a series of strokes in April 2000 and passed away on April 22, 2000 at age 91-3-25.

Additional information on Alfred William's family ...
Charles Kelley was born in either 1825 or 1826 in Grouville, County Dorset, England but the 1861 England Census shows Gunvall, also County Dorset.  His date of death is unknown but we believe it to be in Hamworthy, County Dorset. Info on Fanny Kelley is also conflicting.  Some records show her birth as about 1830 in Chester, County Cheshire, England, and others show 1831 in St. Mary Under Hill, also County Cheshire.  We believe she also died in Hamworthy, but the date is unknown.

We are still researching information on their marriage.

They had five (5) children ...

  Dorcas Lovina Kelley ... b 1856
  Charles Henry Kelley ... b 1858
  Maria Pitman Kelley ... b 1863
  Ellin Eliza Kelley ... b 1867
  Alfred William Kelley ... b 1869; d 1943
  Albert Ernest Kelley ... b 1871



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