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Our information on the Knutty family was compiled about October 1987 with consultation between Mildred Knutty Castle, Arlene Knutty School, Ruth Trumbore Knutty and Mary and Donald Schryver.  This data was then updated in 2008 by David J. Schryver, Sally Knutty Barkley and Richard Ritz.  Further updates are currently being made from contributions made by Jean Castle Schug.
Michael Knutty was our first ancestor to arrive in America.  He came from Berne, Switzerland, probably in 1863, with his sons John and Jacob.  Michael must have been born around 1810 to 1820 since John was born in 1842 and Jacob in 1845.  John and Jacob were 21 and 18, respectively.  There was also a daughter, Rose, who lived in Chicago.   Although our information doesn't support or deny it, she must have also come to the USA with the family.

We have no details on his life or death, but we do know that he is buried in a cemetery in Boonville NY.

We have no information on Michael's first wife, the mother of John, Jacob and Rose.

We do know that Michael became a widower and married again, to Jacobís wifeís mother and had one daughter, Bertha Knutty Vredenburg of Rome NY.  According to our records, Mary Schryver says that Lena (Hildebrand) Moore of Boonville NY used to refer to Bertha, her half-sister as a Burke.  We don't know where the Burkes fit into this.  There could be another marriage or generation on which we have no information.  We do know that Lena Hildebrand Moore and Elizabeth Hildebrand Knutty (Jacob's wife) were sisters.  That makes Jacob and Bertha half-siblings.  Since the mother of the Hildebrand sisters was Bertha's mother, Elizabeth and Lena were half-sisters to Bertha as well. 

We have no details or dates on either of Michael's marriages.  His four (4) children were the second generation of the Knutty family in America, three to immigrate, the last was born here.

Following her parents' deaths, Mary Schryver lived most of the rest of her life in the old John Clinton and Elizabeth Knutty Schryver home in Watertown NY.  Following her death in 2007, an old album labeled "Friends & Relatives 1920s" was found.  Written on the back of the picture above was "Picture taken by Alfred Knutty on his first trip up here looking up relatives.  Taken at Uncle Fred's farm.  Lucy Knutty, Steve Porter, Leslie Knutty, Aunt Lottie, Uncle Fred, Howard Schryver".  Howard is the young boy in the front.  Since Ruth isn't pictured with Leslie, this picture pre-dates 1925.  However, Howard appears to be 8 or 10 years old here, so this photo was probably ca 1920.  We assume the handwriting to be that of "Lizzie" Schryver, so Uncle Fred was actually her brother, the uncle to her children.  The farm was on the hill east of Watertown, near Black River NY.

This photo identified as "Aunt Lena's house and store Boonville Sept. 1927 Labor Day  One of 1st pictures taken with Donald's camera".  Lena Hildebrand Moore was actually a half-sister to Bertha Knutty, so she was not an aunt, but an aunt's sister.  Apparently the Schryver kids called her Aunt Lena.  Donald would have been 15 at this time.

The group photos (above and below) were also found in the Schryver family album and were identified as "1st Knutty Reunion - 1929".  They are basically the same pose, but taken by two different people.  We suspect that the top photo was taken by Donald Schryver since he was known to have had a camera and to have taken pictures in those days and he is not in the lower photo.   The top photo is identified with many abbreviations  We have attempted to elaborate and clarify:  1st row - Jr. Vredenburg, Robt. Vredenburg, Mabel Vredenburg, Shirley Vredenburg (the Vredenburgs would have been from the Bertha Knutty line, but we don't know how they fit in yet), Lois ?, Edna Knutty, Beverly Dailey (younger child on Mildred's lap), Mildred Knutty, Mary Schryver, Arlene Knutty (looking to the side), Ruth Knutty and Lucy Porter.  2nd row - Frances Dailey (partially hidden behind boy with tie), Alfred Knutty (wearing cap), Anna Knutty (in print dress wearing glasses), Elizabeth Knutty Schryver, Lottie Knutty, Katherine Vredenburg (behind Ruth and Lucy) and Charles Vredenburg.  3rd row - Barney Hubbard, Charles and Lena Moore, George Runkel, George Runkel Jr., Ida Runkel, Mr. and Mrs. Walters, Donald Schryver (not in upper picture, but is furthest on the right in the third row in the photo below - wearing glasses).  4th row - Fred Knutty, Harry Vredenburg, John Schryver, Clifford Vredenburg, unknown, Harry Vinton, Leslie Knutty, Steve Porter, Howard Schryver.

The following pictures were taken from a page in the photo album that was labeled "1929  First Knutty Reunion"

The caption on this shot reads "Donald Schryver  Goose Bay  1929"  Goose Bay is a region of the St. Lawrence River just down-river from Alexandria Bay.  He is standing in a boat that is resting on the shore.  Donald would have been 17 at this time. The caption on this picture reads "Geo. Runkel, Jr.  1st Knutty Reunion  1929"    George was the son of Ida Knutty Runkel.
This photo is identified as "Beverly Dailey + Shirley Vredenburg at 1st Knutty Reunion"  These two are in the group photo above.  We do know that Bertha Knutty married a Vredenburg but we do not know how Shirley or this Beverly Dailey tie into the family. This shot is labeled "Patricia Evans, Junior Evans,  Nellie Evans,  Virginia Evans,  House on corner of Burdick St.  1929"  We do not know who the Evans are.  Although this picture was on the album page for the Knutty Family Reunion, based on the fact that they lived on the corner of Burdick Street, it could just be that they were neighbors and friends of John and Elizabeth Schryver.


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