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Johann Pieter (Peter) Schryver was the fifth of nine children and the third son of Albertus Schreiber and Eva Lauermann Schreiber.  He was baptized in the Old Reformed Dutch Church in Kingston, New York on 15 May 1720.  The sponsors were Johannes Beekman, Niclass Emerig and Anna Maria Oel.  

He married Anna Barbara Velde Scheever (alternatively spelled Schafer, Scheffer, Shaver).  Her parents, like Peter's were Palatines who came to America in 1709.  Unlike Peter's parents who migrated as single adults, both Anna Barbara's father and mother came as children with their parents.  Her father was Johann Valentin Schafer.

Peter and Anna Barbara settled in the parish of Lacolle in Upper Canada (Quebec).  He died in Odelltown, Quebec, in 1798.  Anna Barbara also died there and they were buried in or near Lacolle.

At the left is a menu that lists Johann Pieter (Peter) and Anna Barbara's thirteen (13) children.  All lines are complete with the information we have, except for biographies for each individual.  Hovering on the name (placing your mouse there but not clicking) will pop up a sub-menu of their children.  If your mouse pointer turns into a hand with a pointing finger when you hover on a name, it means that there is a bio for that person.

Tim Rossman of the Catskill Mountain area of New York State is a descendent of Conrad Lasher, the first son/child of George and Annatje Schryver Loscher.  Annatje was the oldest child of David Schryver, who was the third child of Johann and Anna.  Our thanks to Tim for providing us with the info on his branch of the family from Annatje to the present.

Carol Richardson is a descendent of Martha Schryver Brown of the Albertus, Johann Pieter, Stephanus, Frederick line.  Thanks go out to her husband, Bob, who has provided us with the info on this branch from Martha to the present.

Thanks to Joan Kelsey Armstrong who is providing information on her branch of this line.










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