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The children of Albertus and Eva Schryver:

Anna Margretha
Johann Emerick
Johann Nicholas
Johann Peter
Anna Elizabeth

The above menu lists all of Albertus and Eva's children.  We are currently working on the expansion of all lines that we know of and a brief biography of each member of the "family".  

Some of these are working.  For those that are, clicking on a name will take you to a biography of that individual and a sub-menu of their children.

If you are a Schryver descendent visiting this site and your line is incomplete or inaccurate, any input or contributions on your line would be greatly appreciated, accepted and acknowledged.  Please contact me.

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An Introduction:

When I first started the genealogy pages on this web site, it was my way of organizing the data I have on the Schryver family.  I personally own two very extensive genealogy books on our family, one written by Jeanette (Scriver) Burch and the other by Barbara Jean (Schryver) Reynolds-Green. Much of my information comes from these sources.

It is imperative to note that the genealogy information contained within these pages is the best to our knowledge.  We have compiled information from several sources and have updated it as it comes to us.  We are doing our best to make it accurate but we were not there!

Many Schryver descendents have contacted me when they found this website and have shared information to update their lines.  If you are a  Schryver descendant, please contact me.  I will update your line with any information, marriage records or any other genealogical documents you can provide me with.  My feeling is that if the information you have on your own line doesn't agree with what is contained here, it is your line.  Your info is probably more accurate.

On the pages that follow, there will be a menu listing the children of each of Albertus and Eva's children.  Hovering on a name on the menu (placing your mouse there but not clicking) will pop up a sub-menu of their children.  If your mouse pointer turns into a hand with a pointing finger when you hover on a name, it means that there is a bio for that person.  Clicking will take you to that bio.

Our Schryver line:

We are descended from German immigrants Albertus (sometimes spelled Albartus or Alburtus) Schreiber, and his wife,  Eva Lauermann/Lauerman.  Our information on them has always been limited, but in late April 2009, I was contacted by a Karl Anhauser of Germany, who had found some new information.  This is included on our Albertus page.  Albertus and Eva were the first of our ancestors known to come to America and would have been my g-g-g-g-g-great grandparents.

In April 2011, I had the privilege of meeting J. Allen Schriver and his wife Edna of Murrell's Inlet SC.  Allen, who descends from the Johannes line, and I are eighth cousins.  He has a book "The Schriver Family" which was written by Donald Rushbrook.  This book focuses mainly on family descendents who settled in Canada.  The information contained indicates that Albartus was the son of a Wilhelm Schreiber.  

Although records are uncertain on much of their history, baptismal records for their children are well-documented.  The surname of the children was Schryver, the name we use today.  Their are several theories as to why the spelling of the name was changed.  We may never know the reason why the name was changed, but we have documentation of other descendents of Albertus who use several different spellings.  In addition to Schreiber and Schryver, we have documented  Scriver, Schriber, Schriver, Scriber and Shriver.

It is significant to note that Albartus was a German immigrant.  For years, my family believed that we were Dutch.  The spelling of the name is Dutch.  Many references are made that the family attended the Dutch Reformed Church when they first settled in America.  As previously mentioned, we will probably never know why the spelling was changed, but our ancestry is German.

My family line from Albertus is:  Johann Emerick; Abraham; William Latham; George Washington; John Clinton; to Donald Everett Schryver, my late father.

David J. Schryver


Many years ago, I acquired this Coat of Arms.  It was probably obtained from one of those mail order businesses that contacts people about family crests and coats of arms.  Its authenticity has not been verified.

I recently found this family crest.  It is available on a number of web sites that sell genealogy related items such as this.  Its authenticity is equally suspect.

Likewise, these two very similar crests have been found on multiple genealogy sales websites.  We trust their authenticity as much as the other two.

Our Schryver line:

Johann Emerick
Peter Emerick
William Latham
George Washington
John Clinton
Donald Everett
David John

Other surnames in David's family:

Knutty . father's mother ... my paternal grandmother was a Knutty ... we now have a genealogy component of our Knutty family ...  I am working in conjunction with Sally Knutty Barkley and her son Richard Ritz of Mesquite TX and Jean Schug of Syracuse NY.  Sally is my second cousin and Jean my third.

Kelley . mother's maiden name ... mom was born in England of Irish descent and came to the US when she was 18 ... we now have a genealogy component of the Kelley family, although we know very little about her family.

Presley . mother's mother

Surnames in Marcia's family:

Davis . Marcia's maiden name
Law . father's mother
Hurley . mother's maiden name
Matejcik . mother's mother


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