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Abraham Schryver born on 18 August 1783 and baptized on 21 September 1783.  He was the third child and second son of Peter Emerick Schryver and Elizabeth Lasson Schryver.  The baptismal sponsors were Abraham and Ann Sheer.

Abraham is evidently the first Schryver to settle in Jefferson County.

He is buried in the Omar Cemetery in Omar (Jefferson County) New York.

The fine print on Abraham's headstone is barely legible.  We will work on deciphering it on the next trip to Omar.

Abraham and Abigail and many of their descendents are buried in the Omar (Jefferson County NY) Cemetery.

Abigail Graves.  We have very little information on her.

Abigail's headstone is in even worse shape than her husband's.  It is barely legible and has been broken and repaired with metal strips bolted on.

They were married on 17 September 1807 in Claverack, Columbia County, New York.  They had ten (10) children

The children of Abraham and Abigail were part of the fifth generation of the Schryver family in America:
  John W. Schryver b:  30 August 1808; d:  1811 (age 3)
  Eliza Schryver b:  11 February 1811; d:  1811
  Mary Schryver b:  18 August 1813; d: unknown
  George W. Schryver b:  11 March 1815; d: 1849
  Abigail Schryver b:  8 February 1816; d: unknown
  Julianna Shriver b:  28 February 1818; d: unknown
  William Latham Schryver b:  3 July 1821; d:  5 July 1895
  Ann Schryver b:  18 February 1823; d:  1824
  Catherine Schryver b:  26 August 1824; d: unknown
  Abraham Schryver b:  19 August 1828; d: unknown


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