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William Latham Schryver was born on 3 July 1821.  He was the fourth child and second son of Abraham Schryver and Abigail Graves Schryver.

He died on July 5, 1895.

William and Adelia's gravestone calls her Delia

Adelia M. Newton was born in 1828.  

She died in 1916.

The back of William and Adelia's gravestone is engraved with the names of their daughter Hattie and her husband and son.  The two stones to the right of their stone mark the graves of Abigail and Abraham Schryver, William's parents.  

They were married on 16 July 1845.  They resided in Omar, Jefferson County, New York and had eleven (11) children.

The children of William Latham and Adelia were part of the sixth generation of the Schryver family in America:

  George Washington Schryver b:  31 December 1846; d: 5 July 1895

Following her parents' deaths, Mary Schryver lived the rest of her life in the old John Clinton and Elizabeth Schryver home in Watertown NY.  Following her death in 2007, an old album labeled "Friends & Relatives 1920s" was found.  Written on the back of the picture at the right was "Grandfather Schryver   Taken in our yard by Alfred Knutty on his first trip up here to find his relatives".  We assume the handwriting was that of Elizabeth Knutty Schryver.  Based on the vintage of the photo and the apparent age of the person, this Grandfather Schryver would have been her children's grandfather, and her father-in-law, George Washington Schryver.  Alfred Knutty would have been Elizabeth's first cousin.  Her father Jacob and his father John were brothers.

The photo at the left was labeled "3 Brothers Jim Schryver, Denver, Colo. Geo Schryver, Frank Schryver, Omar".

  Ellen Ursula Schryver b:  10 April 1848; d: 1935

  Luther N. Schryver b:  9 January 1851; d: unknown

  William H. Schryver b:  17 August 1852; d: unknown

  Martha Ann Schryver b:  12 June 1854; d:  1854 at age 2 months

  Abigail M. Schryver b:  10 June 1855; d: unknown

  Sarah Adelia Schryver b:  22 June 1857; d:  19 November 1907

  Samuel F. Schryver b:  29 August 1860; d: unknown  The 1880 US Federal census shows Samuel living with his brother George and his family.

  Hattie Eliza Schryver b: 4 February 1862; d: unknown

  James A. Schryver b:  14 August 1864; d: unknown

This picture was found in the same album as the photo of Jim, George and Frank shown above.  Written on the back of this picture was "Jim Schryver Denver, Colo".


  Frank M. Schryver b:  7 September 1867; d:  14 February 1944


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